It has been a couple of days since i saw the sun. The clouds have taken a tinge of violet, on their ususal intrepid grey. The mercury has surely not risen above the doleful decade, and the peacock haven’t cried. There have been occassional disingenuous drizzles as well. As i sip my last coffee in my haunt, i see the long shadows of a yellow bulb bidding the day goodbye. Not the usual oasis-in-the-desert kind of a day i must say.

The hopeless part is that i am not feeling that bad either. Had it been my usual self, i would have snuggly tucked under my blanket refusing to comprise on the centigrade. However, i am walking far more that i should, and talking way less than i normally do. Well, i might be wrong, but then, that’s what i feel.

Maybe, it’s because cricket is being played in some distant part of the country, and i like to pretend, for once, that i am terribly happy that the bengali has exonerated his pride. Or maybe, i am extremely nostalgic about seeing Madhuri Dixit in her latest goof-up, gyrating herself to weird melodies. Maybe, i am relieved at having finished all my coursework, and just jumping in joy. Maybe, the twinkle hoot of travel is again ringing in my head.

Or just maybe, i am terribly screwed up, and the weather is not bad at all!