Samson lived on his locks. He could lift mountains and fight lions. He could crush stones and tumble pillars. All because of his locks.

After lifting several mountains and killing packs of lions, he grew tired. No one challenged him for a fight. Not even the intrepid vultures, nor the invincible scarecrows. He searched for purpose. A purpose to show his strenght. The valiance the drove the pigs out of Cuba, the valiance that pulled down the walls of Berlin, the valiance that drew the continents closer. But alas! No one asked Samson.

Samson was tired of Delilah as well. She fonded his locks, when came back with a lions heart. But then  Delilah was bored as well, for she doubted if Samson was as strong as he claimed. She shrugged and she pampered, and in the moonlight blue she whimpered. But she didnt cut his locks off, nor did she run away to the palaces grand.

Togather they grew old in their domecile fantasies. And slowly they started to believe in whatever they did.

And when Samson grew bald, they fell in love again…