It is pronounced Bijabisensio, and in short called Villao (Bijau). And it was my honeymoon destination, without a wife, that is.

Possibly one of the most beautiful towns i have seen in my life, it stands right in the edge of the Llano plains, bordered by the Peidimont de Llanero. The hills are green, the weather is sultry, the houses are red and low, the roads far far less crowded than i am used to. And the poeple are mostly relaxed, living upto the Latin spirit, enjoying a beer in the afternoon, or partying hard at night.

My weekend there was quite a refreshing one. Wake up, swim, eat at some beautiful restaurant, enjoy the cool breeze in the late evening, and go out at the night. I have been back a couple of days, and i miss it already, which is something unexpected.

Well, aah, this is turning out much better than i expected. Touchwood!