Well, before anything else, i must confess, i am really fortunate to have the friends and family i do. I dont know what i would be without them.
The last year had been torrid: punctuated by good times in Tavarekhere, Brigade Road, Vasant Kunj, Gurgaon, among others. Ofcourse, there has been the odd Jaipur and Patiala House and Mhape thrown in, when it stooped even lower that the usual low. There have been times when i refused to move and became even more taciturn than usual. Apologies to all who bore the brunt of it. I didnt mean to you know.
But true, there have been times of insane creativity (far from the realm of this blog) and morbid tardiness. What remained the same is the warmth and love of those around me. I change but it doesnt. Thats why i love and hold it so dear to me.

Well after a long period of vacant and pensive moodiness, there came the change. A week in Abu Dhabi(an obscenely rich city with appalling malls and highrises and fast roads), a breakfast in Amsterdam (i love the high cheek bones of the girls there), and then Bogota.
So far Bogota has treated me well. Blue mountains, green avenues, amazing food and dance, soothing weather, and beautiful people. What amazes me is how ignorant the English speaking world is of the non-English speaking one. I mean, i never knew such a paradise existed tucked away neatly in some corner of the world.
Well, i am off to Villavicencio tomorrow. More later

Postscprit: i didnt want to describe the place much, rather, i wanted to put in my feelings on coming across it. I hope i did disappoint whoever was unlucky enough to stumble upon this.

Postscript: I just noticed my life has been a like a surfboard tossed in a rough sea. Impossible lows, and unimaginable highs. Is it a coincidence or thats how i choose to live it?