Now, lets get our fundamentals right: a fruit is born a fruit, it is a ripened ovary of a plant, and serves as a nutritional support for the growing seed inside. Vegetable on the other hand, is a man made nuisance, purely dependent on how man uses it on his table.

Tomato, therefore is born a fruit, bears an ovary-full of seeds, among which a few would grow to be tomato vines, and some even give birth to tomatoes like itself. However, on a table, with cucumbers, onions, carrots, beet and radish, sprinkled with lemon and salt, it is no better than a vegetable, in fact, just a vegetable.

On a table, no matter how hard a tomato tries to proof itself fruit-worthly, it is resigned to live and die a life of a vegetable. To be eaten perfunctorily, without the usual relish one has while eating a fruit. No one says, “Oh! What a tomato!” like they say, “What a peach!”, or “Grapes, these ain’t sour!”, or “This is the apple that must have tempted Eve!”. No. A tomato is munched between the hotness of a cutlet and the yellowness of mustard, merely to keep the conversation moving. Tomato dies a vegetable’s death!