When people ask me about pets, i tell them the best pets are fishes, colourful ones or just plain gold. Second best, birds. I used to have lots of them as a kid in my home. Fishes, some time else, today i speak about birds.

I had budgerigars, yellow, green, white and blue. Two of each kind. I used to adore them, simply put, though most of the looking after was done by my mom. I bought the seeds they ate, from my kite sho; the shop keeper got them down on special request from a regular customer in yours truly.

Now, the real story begins when my mom refused to do the looking after and it was left to me to do the feeding and cleaning, and putting the bedsheet over the cage at night, for these birds are supposed to be very sensitive to light, etc. I did all the needful for a week so. Then it happened, for it the inevitable, though sometime i wonder these days, whether it was so. I left the cage open one afternoon, after the usual regimen of cleaning and feeding, and all but two left the cage. A yellow one, and a blue one. Complementary colours.

Now, what happened to the ones that left was cruelly obvious; i saw it happen infact. A crow perched down on the group of yellow-green-blue-white feathers and scooped one away. The rest flew, again in a group. Natural selection. It took no guessing on my part to understand that  in a couple of mintutes, there would be none.

It was a lesson. While the cage spake that some birds weren’t meant to be caged, their feathers being just too bright. The open had a different one altogather.