Now, though totally inconsequential like everything else here, if i dont write about the movies i have watched all this while, it would be erasing one part of my life. For otherwise, i would never remember, after say, another year, when and how i was so moved by mere celluloid. Otherwise i feel, if one doesnt count documentary and propagation dramas, movies can change a man only that much, and no more. So, i have always felt being able to satisfactorily sit through those couple of hours of watching without caring about the world would be the definitive good movie watching experience.

Okay, now i have been awfully jobless for the last few months, and have watched almost all that came out of the Bombay assembly line, and a few classics and contemporaries i felt i can watch. On recollection, now, ones that i liked watching dont feel so great now, and some, which i found sagging in the middle have jigsawed themselves into blisses of solitude. Of course, there have been unforgettable notable others, which have been relished and pondered over and rewatched.

The first of the list would be Star Wars. Mostly, for its nostalgic value. I remember watching the original trilogy way back in the early nineties on a VCR. So, given time and leisure aplenty, i thought i could revisit the old enigma. I realised light sabers havent lost their charm at all, neither have the hyperspeed space travel. My favourite charcter then, Han Solo, remains my favourite character today. However, inasmuch i like Natalie Portman, i must say the later version disappoints me. Not so much in Aniken Skywalker, and Yoda fighting the Dark Lord, but the entire idea of miticlorions which reduced the grandeur of the original trilogy apart from the obvious desecration of the latter. And also maybe, i expected a bit too much, since looking from the binoculars of memory, one is always biased.

Next would be “The Diving Bell and The Butterfly”. I have frankly, in my limited exposure to movies, never seen a more poetic expression in recent times. Also the basic theme of the enduring spirit of life, has, not suprisingly, appealed to me. Though the subtitles i got were bit shoddy at times, the visuals were powerful enough to break through the barriers of language.

“The Lives of Others”. The best closing dialogue of a movie in recent times. In the same vein would come “Casablanca” which after watching, i realised, i felt i should have watched much much before. In the sense, i would have then been in a state to like other movies better. And the quintessential Humphrey Bogart!

Character wise i felt, William Munny from “The Unforgiven” was quite a remarkable one. Especially when one looks compares it other from the same genre, which are plastic to the extent of being cardboard caricatures or even stick figures. Admittedly, i liked Clint Eastwood best in this movie, more than even in “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” or “The Million Dollar Baby”.

I could relate to John Travolta a lot when he played Tony Manero in Saturday Night Fever. AS much i like Mithun from Disco Dancer and Dance Dance, i found this one having a much more progressive ending. An ending i could relate to.

Rewatches have been of The Motorcycle Diaries, lots from Khairastomi, Majidi, and Forrest Gump.

Now i feel, i am forgetting a lot others that i have watched. I am sure they must have moved me a lot when i watched them, yet they have totally deserted my memory in a matter of months.