The number of times I have listened to this song, both during college and then back at home, I thought I could write something on it. One of those songs, which is so huge and grand, one seems to drown in the entire experience. One of those songs that wrap you up so completely, something that sometimes a full-blown motion picture all with its sequels fail to do ( the inappropriateness of the comparison i guess sums up how out of words i am!). That’s how big this song, I feel, is.  Colosseum rock!

One of the best drums, energetic, fast and hard, John Bonham truly drives the point home. John Paul Jones on bass, eight strung, and pulsating, like a steam engine on full throttle in a dark forest, conjures up something truly magical. As for Page, words are not enough, you have to listen to believe. Plant, on the other hand, comes up with some amazing lyrics ( as i just found out) from his Moroccan vacation.  

Achilles Last Stand, according to me, is one of those songs that really marks all that I like about Led Zepellin. It takes off from where Immigrant Song left, sums up The Song Remains the Same, carries forward Baby, I am gonna leave you, and is what Stairway to Heaven, in a way, led to: a culmination of sorts, something that is tough to be bettered. Companion of many a solitary evenings and boring afternoons, pull-me-through, pick-me-up, and toss-it-down, this song has been with me for good. Love and respect!