Coffee as a drink is not my favourite, i like tea much better, frankly. However, what excites me about coffee is the mostly meaningless discussions one can have over it. I have also spent a lot of time over coffee and conversations. Alas! Those days are long gone, and now i am left sipping my cup of tea, pondering over all and none. 

Just for the sake of indulgence, please, let me tell you of my favourite place to drink coffee. There are quite a few, but my favourite favourite was the night canteen in my college. In the peak hours (11 pm to 2am), it used to be quite crowded, and discussion ranged from politics to photographs, calisthenics to cucumbers,sports to spoofs, games and gossip, and anything under the sun we could find. It was the proverbial melting pot, if i might say so. The happy hours were in the late afternoon, when you could go and order one after playing a game of tennis or football. Or sometimes, in the evening you could just sit lazily and wonder why you are sitting lazily at this unwise hour. I liked the latter the most.

With time, and a lot of caffeine, i began to decipher that the frailty of the conversations and the strength of the coffee. Coffee left a bitter taste, and didn’t help me sleep. The conversations, though meaningless, stayed longer than they should, hovering like a bumble-bee in a compass. The concoction i realised was a bit too much for my liking. It was then that i switched over to tea, taken without milk and thought.