Yesterday had one of those sublimely painful experiences store for me. Painful in the sense that you can’t talk about it to anyone. You have to tolerate the agony of it, till it assumes the semblance of normalcy.

It so happened, with a group of friends, I had lunch in some non-descript restaurant in Park Street, and then walked down Free School Street taking a right from the Salvation Army building to New Market. The idea was to book tickets for a Batman movie in advance (being the devout Batman fan I am) at The New Empire Cinema. I had known that The Lighthouse has become a shopping mall now. On the way, I had also gathered The Globe had been shut down for reasons unknown to my friends. So The New Empire was the only choice!

On reaching The New Empire, the entire bunch of us was shocked to find out that the next change is a potboiler Bollywood movie and not the Batman one we had expected. I didn’t say a word, no goodbye to my friends, came back home and slept off.

Again, you might think, what’s the big deal? Well, I didn’t want to talk about it in the first place, you know…