The last few days have been hectic, fulfilling and joyful. I have done most of the things I like doing and found new ways of doing them. Well, I cant say any more about that so lets talk about something else.

I have noticed that rains make me pretty sad. Not the walk-in-the-breezy-drizzle kind but the marooned-in-water-logged-street ones. What bothers me most when I am marooned in such a manner is all the talk about Global Warming, If indeed the ice caps melt it would mean so much more rain and so much more getting marooned. It worries me.

I have been watching a lot of Spaghetti Westerns these days. They are hilariously violent. Long live Clint Eastwood.

Reading more Orhan Pamuk otherwise. Istanbul and Other Colours.

And also realized that my distaste for dogs is an acquired thing. I saw in my old family albums that I was very friendly with the canines (and was reciprocated likewise) when I was a toddler. Somewhere down the line, I lost the script it seems.

I guess, I might be quite irregular on this place for sometime now, have found a new(er) love.