Few mental notes that I thought I’d jot down.

  1. The epic hero is characterised by four distinct stages of its life: a. humble birth, b. meteoric rise to fame, c. hubris and d. fall, usually by the betrayal of a close aide. On the other hand, comic book heroes evade the last stage and perpetuate their legend and sales. Till they are mercilessly faded out of the scene by powers other than the superheroes’. In this regard, is a superhero’s (comic book ones) life more tragic than epic hero’s? At least, heroes Julius Caesar, Karna, Achilles had a certain dignity in their death, and if lucky had someone to avenge it. On the other hand, comic book heroes say Phantom, Flash Gordon or Chacha Chowdhary (whose brain works faster than a supercomputer), never have the privilege of having a decent goodbye. The saddest part is that the creator himself is responsible for their cruel, cruel demise. Also, in that case, is Jules a comic book hero and Vincent an epic one?
  2. Once upon a time books were written and movies were made to make us live the lives we could never live. Take for example, movies made by the venerable Ray, Nayak, Devi or Ganasatru. Books like Count of Monte Cristo, Treasure Island were written. I was thinking are these written to make us realise how lucky we are the way we are, or develop an insatiable desire to chase down the unknown, the unattainable. I mean, when you think Jack London spent, but just a single winter in Alaska, and Rudyard Kipling was what he was, it suddenly starts getting all hazy. But why should I care, as long as I get sometime to watch or read and while my time away?