Mankind learnt to paint. He painted on the walls of caves, on paper, on canvas, celebrating discovering doodling. The fall came when he tried to imitate and communicate with paints: the Great Renaissance! Came technology, came photographs and image processing, and relieved the brush of this worrisome burden. Again it learnt to play, and take the line out for a walk.

Mankind learnt to make sounds. He tapped wood, blew on pipes, and strummed on strings. To the beat of his heart, to the rhythm of his soul, he played. Slowly, he learnt to send signals with sounds and beats. Then he learnt to communicate and imitate the sounds and signals. Music became signals. Reduced, for the sake of the advance of civilization, to a mere tool of communication. Again came technology and rescued the lost notes. Now, music is again for happiness’ sake.

Mankind discovered to write. His circles and crosses on a blank page began to make sense, and he knew he could find expression. He wrote alone. Then more along with him wrote. Slowly, man wrote to tell stories, to talk about happenings. It became a tool of communication and imitation, like multiplication tables. Then came TV and Camera and Internet and whatnot, still we write to communicate. We type in reports and dabble with presentations. What was once the muse of a free mind today is used to chain it down to numbers and figures. Shameful, for the art of the writing, and its lost beauty of expression!

Did it make any sense?