Number of Players: 1 (The best of sports are non-competitive, as we all know)

Aim of the game: To start at the bottom of a PDF and climb till the top.


  1. Start at the last printed line above the page number in the last page of the document. Zoom to page width and select the hand tool.
  2. You have to catch a printed piece which serves as a foothold or in this case the hand hold.
  3. You cannot come down a climbed area.
  4. You cannot jump horizontally.
  5. You cannot use page number, header, footer or a vertical line (if any) or colors other than the color of the text.
  6. You lose when you have a blank expanse of the height equivalent of half your screen.
  7. When you reach a diagram, you can only use the texts in it to climb.


  1. Bold means rougher surface, that is better suited for climbing. Italics are slippery; you might risk a fall if you step on 3 successive italics.
  2. The game might end abruptly, if there is a blank page in between. Ignore a page that is not typed at all, that is a completely blank page.
  3. A timed game is also possible. Subject to the time and PDF in hand.


  1. The game is open-source; you are free to add on.
  2. Man over-bored!
  3. You can a man away from the mountains, but you cannot take the mountains away from a man.