1.It been quite some, and i want to write a lot. The vacation is almost over, and yes, i am
2.facing those starnge Monday-morning-blues. Or just apprehending. A long tantalising series
3.of Mondays.
4.As i said, a lot of things are coming back, and a lot of things are being planned and enacted
5. in my mind. I know these things might remain just in the head. But nevertheless…
7.Dustin Hoffman, from The Graduate
8.Ghulam Ali, Mirza Ghalib, Eliot, Pink Floyd, Doors.
9.Juliet, Apocalypse Now!
11.Bhagwat Gita, Franz Kaka, illicit stuff, Camus and the gang.
12.Linear Algebra, Stacks and Qs, Control Systems, Induction Motors
13.Big Brother, “Will you kill me and eat me for dinner?”(Ofcourse!)
14.B-Plans, Theory of Sex, Pahari, Gliding Club
15.Chowki, Eucalypti, Ghera, pink panthers.
16.Yellow, Red, Blue, Off-White, Stained Glass, Pebbles,
17.Ghot-board, poems, love-letters, pastels.
18.Curtain, hitchcock, nostalghia, cozy afternoons and Sky.
19.Bull-shit, more bullsit, and a lot lot more bullshit, supernova bullshit.
20.bongs: regular, mild, service, gravity, irritating, and the intellectual.
21.”You shall know my name is the Lord, when i lay my vengenance upon thee!”
22.cycle, Mangelal, fanatics
23.More illicit stuff
24.Zero, Infinity, Nothing.
26.And then there were none!
27.Silence is cold.
28.Meaningless is touching.
29.La Di Da! La Di Da! La Di Da!
30.Survival is the greatest virtue.