Last week saw the college fest come my to life and vanish into the dust of the dunes, leaving behind red billboards and black tyre tracks. It also saw one of those things that fascinated me as a kid: a magic show. Not out of the world, few simple tricks of mind-reading and hypnosis, but still it left me agape. One of my friends told me after the show, ” You know why we are so awed my magic, because we want to!”

And how right he was. In the days that followed,  headbanging to nonsense rock, eating overpriced pizza, sandwich and drinking overpriced coffee, exuberating at bright light, ogling at big city girls: all seemed like a trick all wanted to believe in.

Well you cant blame. The red  became the blue . The comfort became the horror. The rabbit became snake. The collar became the plume. The horror became the dream. The nonchalance became the stoic. The tragedy became the farce. The sadness became the man.

All because he wanted to believe in it!

And when i woke up today, i found one day missing from my week.