The problem with me getting optimistic is that it forces me into believing that i can do anything. Really anything!

Things like jumping off a moving train, checking whether i really can fly if i forget that i am flying (physically and otherwise), running five miles without reason, trying to woo a girl with a serenade without knowing how to play the guitar, play professional football and cricket, write a blog(!?) and of course, to code. These are things that i have in fact given a shot.

And even more insane things that i am planning to: like learning to play the guitar, violin, saxophone and cello, to fly an airplane, to matador a bullfight, to cook lasagna, to hypnotise people.

And necessary things that should be done, but again optimism preventing me: like studying for tests, waking up with the alarm, jogging, making sense at times, the list goes on…



Just a classic case of the aphorism that underscores this blog!