Of late, regulars at my blog might have noticed, i have been caught up. Caught up in a strange labyrinth of abstruse thoughts and mazes of pointless discourses. And not that have got more philosophical or feel i can do anything with this word-space of mine. That’s left me wondering. Wondering what’s happening with me?

These are things i never talk to people with. Maybe i am scared that people might laugh, maybe i feel i might bore them to death, maybe it’s just that i have more obvious and mundane things to talk about. Consequently, or seemingly obviously, i am left without much to talk about. I am cut off from most of what’s happening around me, and it doesn’t bother me at all.

Maybe i have grown to be a pessimist, or say more of a cynic. A recurring thought that comes back is all the karmayajna around me is a mere detraction from the emptiness that surrounds us(or is it just me?). The distinctions between the beginnings and the ends have been blurred, and all is left is an blank canvas, a silence, that needs to be filled up, somehow, anyhow!

And how? Create and destroy, love and hate, worship and decry, fight and fall, run and hide. I am somehow convinced that all we are doing is making sculptures out of thin air, and painting masterpieces with water, all an illusion. For who are we to tamper with the emptiness, the beautiful nothing!

The empty vessel sings, but remains empty…

Post Script: Hope this is just another passing phase? Is it?