Its midnight here. It has been raining since I wrote the last post, which was some twenty hours back.

Nothing has changed since then. Its been raining incessantly. The streets are flooded, and have taken a turbid greyish green colour, which is emetic. The single same song has been playing since the rain started, on repeat mode obviously. The song seems to have taken a sombre tone, now, mainly out of boredom I suppose.

There was nothing to be done. Not that I had much to do, with the rain  playing spoilsport. On the contrary, I was somehow not feeling fine with everyone at home, and cribbing about how the rain spoilt their plans for the day. I just wanted to be invisible.

I chose the second best option. I slept for sixteen hours straight. I broke the shackles and roamed in the dreamscape of sleep. Wherever I wanted to be, with whomever.

And I am again up now, to give the somnolent unceasing teardrops of heaven some company. For I seem to know the reason for their gloom.