Today’s horoscope:
“The astral energy indicates positive financial news – a settlement, grant, or bonus of some kind that you’ve been anticipating for a long time may finally manifest. You may want to go out and celebrate, dear Leo; a chance to attend a large social gathering might come your way. Have fun! Tonight: Don’t be surprised if some vivid dreams, some great, some sad, come your way. Keep a notebook and pen by your bed so that you can write them down”

Well that’s what the daily horoscope at Yahoo said, when I checked it early in the morning, before going to bed. Truth be told, I had almost forgotten about it after I woke up late in the afternoon. It was a deep sleep, black, pacific, un-punctuated by dreams.  I lunched alone, at 3 o’clock and again went back to sleep. Finally woke up at seven in the evening. Watched TV till dinner was served.

And now I sit here wasting away the independence of the ir-retentive hours of darkness, Steve Jobs for company!