Upon closing his eyes he was amazed to see a kaleidoscope of blue, red and green making loops and splashes instead of the familiar soothing blackness. It was intrusion: he couldn’t tolerate this. So he opened his eyes, looked up at the untiring ceiling fan, making black loops in the ceiling. It irritated him, much like the stiff spring that seemed trapped in his forehead. He tried to relax it by pressing his temples, with his stocky thumbs. Aah! He tried to take a deep breath, seeking to lubricate the stiffness of the spring. Upon exhaling he found that the spring has grown bigger, much to his dismay.


He closed his eyes again. Now, on the aforementioned background of red, blue and green, he could see spirals of white wires meshed sloppily diving deep into infinity. He tried to push the spring up, with his index fingers pressing his orbits. It didn’t happen. It made the spring recoil, which made it even more uncomfortable. He now tried to massage his forehead in an attempt to push the spring back into the deep dark recesses of his brain, where he kept most of his whatnots.


Now it was even more irritating. He could feel a bumblebee entering from his left ear going right through his forehead, within the spring (which was now beginning to form a pattern of recoiling and expanding), and coming out of his right ear. He tried to stop this: he put his palms on both his ears, to prevent the bee from entering. However he realised quickly he had failed, the bee was now trapped in his forehead. He took a deep breath as if to nauseate it with the polluted air he inhaled. The bee fluttered at the sudden gush of air, and then stood still. Then with a joyous flutter came out through his nostrils, victorious.


He removed his palms from his ears. Folded them on the pillow to prop his head. And he watched fan making black loops on the ceiling, resigning himself to the bemusing anomalies of life.