Welcome to the jungle where man lives. Where the sun shines through the neons of the sapphire nights. Where love birds mate with the staccato of lounge bars. Where foxes dance in moonlight glow of discotheques. Where ribbons of traffic move like ants in fall. Where sultry dusks swelter the tan off malls and multiplexes. Where towers blossom high into cirrus black. Where eagles dare fly from where they never return. Where dust and gems shroud the streets in the wake of autumn’s demise. Where innocence is lost in scarlet sheets condone. Where paradise is regained with a puff of smoke. Where mirrors are black, and revenge is sweet. Where phoenix rises from the smoke of factories. Where lions go for the kill in quagmires of hubris and lust. Where peacocks are stamped on a ten-rupee note. Where the sun sets in a landscape of a dungeon of concrete, over bustling ruins.


Welcome to the jungle, where you can’t kill!