Stuck in a traffic jam for over half and hour. Nothing under the sun to do. A humid mini-bus, a sticky tee-shirt clinging on to me like a strait-jacket. And nondescript oxymoron in dangerous proximity! Just wanted to break free…

Thought: It was much easier to survive, before. Now, it a dog’s world!


Afterthought: Today is but yesterday from tomorrow’s.



Thought: Why is the world so full of hypocrites? Damn them!


Afterthought: What is a hypocrite?



Thought: Living the same old life, over and over. The same old dreams, the same old sighs, the same old tears. The same waking up every morn, the same cup of life, the same essence and the same pains, the same going back to bed, the self-same waste…


Afterthought: Who doesn’t?




Thought: Everyone lives for his own happiness. Own as in his own family, his own circle of friends, the ones for whom he cares.


Afterthought: Don’t I?




Thought: Ah! We are all so alike. Everyone’s my friend and brother! Everyone’s me!


Afterthought: Such a terrible waste of time, thinking!




Thought: Clichés, all!

Afterthought: [Sigh]


Green Signal at last…