I am dead sure the last time you got really smitten you played Coming Back to Life in full volume, maybe just to make yourself believe. I did! Or maybe the day before the test when you had left everything to “divine intervention”, maybe you decided the best music would be Ramstien: no idea what they are talking about; no idea why you are here. Maybe Shivprasad Sharma on a dulcet rainy dusk, and Hariprasad Chowrasia on a gossamer dawn. Music was always ruled by moods.


Well, it goes the other way round as well. The kind of music (sound) we listen to shapes our disposition. Right from the cacophony of traffic jams, the ebullient rock-n-roll, the melody of nightingales and swallow, to the divine Om! There is indeed a connection.


I landed up in this site called I-doser.com. They have sound dosage to engender a gamut of moods. You want to get high on alcohol, you want a sniff of coke, you want multiple orgasms, or you want spiritual ecstasy: you have everything over there. You get alcohol and content (which calms you down, it seems) free with the installation and for the rest you need to eke out dollars. Sounds weird enough to warrant a trial, doesn’t it?


I did the alcohol dose. I wont tell you how it felt. Fasten your seat belts and get ready to get high on music!