The summer before last it was Ilish Macher Paturi(baked hilsa in mustard sauce). Last summer, it was Chicken Tandoori. And now, it’s Mocktails! Every summer I come back home, my mom makes it a point to have something new on the menu. And you are absolutely not permitted to say I have had enough. Well, though it’s swings between the extremes of a gourmet’s delight to a just-swallow-it, this seems to be my third time lucky thing. Mocktails are just awesome!


Let me take you down the garden of earthly delights!


1.Sandy Candy – It made of mango and lemon juice. Has cream as topping. The soda makes the taste absolutely exotic. The flavour of mango remains, but that cant-get-it-down feeling vanishes!


2.Green Mystique – Mysterious indeed: I couldn’t make out what’s it made from when I drank it first. Mixing khus and coconut milk, and garnished with lemon, this is indeed a super cooler. Yes, ice cubes are essential!


3. Pina Colada – Pineapple juice, coconut milk and lemon soda, with vanilla ice cream makes this an immensely popular drink. Garnished with pineapple wedge or cherry this makes for a perfect evening drink.


4.Pink Lady – My favourite. Watermelon juice with strawberry crush makes it so fabulously refreshing. Ideal after coming back from the sun.


These are the ones that I have liked so far.I have also liked the way these mockatils are named: a cocktail called Bloody Mary when served without vodka is called Virgin Mary, or say, a when the alcoholic Sex on the Beach is served without alcohol, it becomes Safe Sex on the Beach. The essence of mocktails lies in adding a perfunctory “Virgin” prefix to everything. Or so it seems!


There are more mocktails to come, like there have been more hilsa and more chicken. Frankly, I am keying this right in the prime of my sweet honeymoon with mocktails. For I know sooner than later I am bound to turn blasΓ© and reckon that, well, this is just not the drink for me!