A summer day, the mercury touching 40s. 5 pm, the sun seeks refuge behind the sky scraped landscape. But, hardly do you expect, the heat is just about to be turned on!


Swabhumi, in the heart of the city, witness high school studs with guitars strapped over their shoulders praying to the Gods of Rock that they have a good day out. What follows is an electrifying display of rock, by school goes of Calcutta. Bon Jovi, GnR, Maiden, Metallica: it was covers galore. At time even self composed numbers that sets the crowds rocking. Sometimes cacophonous, sometimes sublime, at times, just pure rock. Not just because of the guitar notes and drumbeats, but also the typical swagger and swing. The contest threw up a lot of choices for the judges. They decided in favour of the best: Wrong Number, the band from Salt Lake School. Fear of the Dark with gut wrenching guitar solos, and heart thumping drums, and backing vocals from the cheerleaders, stole the show indeed.


No, its not the first time fests are playing western rock. No, definitely not. But the response from the crowd and the appreciation it received from the middle-aged mashimas, jethus and kakus in the audience, says something. That Calcutta has finally woken up to a new beat. Rock on!