When you listen to the obviously anachronistic guitar and harmonica duo accoutering a husky arcane voice, you know that you are not listening closely. And when you do, the mundane world around you fades out, as you are ushered into the world of Robert Allen Zimmerman.

From the days of yore, when Mr. Tambourine Man strummed his tunes to a still pre-pubescent yours truly, and when I strumbled along the narrow corridors of adolescence Like a Rolling Stone, or when I felt, “Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright” or when I realized I Shall Be Released, I could feel the presence of the Prophet. Unlike other pop icons that blossomed like mushrooms after the shower of sorrow and bullets of the early 20th century, this man survived. He found his way as inspiration to millions, even into texts books. Times They Are A-Changing? He lives on…

Today is the day; the master was born. How I wish I were in Shillong today!