The good thing about watching English football is that you don’t have the prerogative of supporting anyone. You can sit back on your couch, flip through magazines, sip coffee and keep the game in askance. A relief! especially after the Cricket Catastrophe that made you feel the team you support has to lose.

A typical game of Saturday evening English football. A nervous first half, a circumspect second meant the game had to go on for extra time. Three inspired passes saved it from being dragged on to the penalties.

A game that will be much talked about as the comeback of Chelsea. A lot of their injured players coming back to prove a point. John Terry, Peter Cech coming back to strengthen the defence, a defence that again proved its mettle. The injury worries were Ferguson’s : Saha’s presence was sorely missed. Rooney lacked a target man, Giggs from the left and Ronaldo from the right had no one to finish their crosses. A game of midfield maestros: Scholes and Mikel.

The goal game three from the end of extra time. A 1-2 of intuitive passing between Lampard and Drogba, left poor Ferdinand ball watching. A season of untiring marshalling of the back, undermined by sheer genius.

A season when Chesea lost her sheen, the Red Devil smoked fire, Aresenal just emptied out, and a season of sheer Liverpool magic. What next?