Author: Martin Gardner 

Publisher: University Press

Price: Rs.195


A book that indeed “trains the mind and entertains the spirit”. A puzzle book, that feels like an anthology of short stories and reads like a thriller. Martin Gardner proves it beyond contention that mathematics can be fun.

Gardner, the champion of recreational mathematics, presents forty-one of his most interesting articles in this volume. You have games of chances, calculator magic tricks, tiling puzzles, magic squares and other mathematical puzzles. All of them with their own stories to boot!

A book I bought on a train journey, but soon realized that it’s meant for the top shelf. A foray into the world of logic and numbers: it can give you endless hours of unalloyed cerebral high, or make you fall in love with the philosophy of mathematics. It’s but befitting that the dedication reads,

To all the underpaid teachers of mathematics,

Everywhere, who love their subject

And are able to communicate that love

To their students